Genetic testing has revolutionized personalized medicine, allowing healthcare professionals to better understand a patient’s genetic makeup and its potential impact on drug responses. One area of interest is drug transport genes, which play a crucial role in how medications are absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and excreted within the body. GTx-Transporter can provide valuable insights into a patient’s drug metabolism and potential response to certain medications.


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Precision Medicine

In the realm of healthcare, Precision Medicine emerges as a revolutionary approach that tailors medical treatments to individual patients based on their unique genetic makeup. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive data analysis, Precision Medicine ushers in a new era of personalized healthcare, offering the potential to improve patient outcomes, enhance disease prevention, and optimize therapeutic strategies.

As Precision Medicine continues to advance, its impact on healthcare is poised to be transformative. By harnessing the power of personalized data-driven insights, this groundbreaking approach has the potential to reshape the medical landscape, leading to an era of more precise, effective, and patient-centric healthcare that holds the promise of improved outcomes and enhanced well-being for individuals worldwide.

GTx Onco™

GTx-Onco is a computational tool for the interpretation of cancer genome data (large gene panels, WES and/or WGS). GTx-Onco provides actionable recommendations, linked to therapeutic and nutritional aspects, based on the genetic profile of the tumor.

GTx - 500

GTx-500 is a NGS-based assay that enable a genomic profiling of the tumor by sequencing a panel of >500 cancer genes. Furthermore, the assay allows the calculation of two important immunological parameters: MSI (microsatellite instability) and TMB (tumor mutational burden).

Environmental & Agricultural

Omics technologies and agriculture converge to unlock a new era of sustainable and efficient farming practices. By harnessing the power of genetic information, farmers and researchers are redefining the way we cultivate crops and raise livestock. With DNA GTx Bioinformatics solutions as their ally, farmers are poised to cultivate a resilient and prosperous agricultural landscape, meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving world.

At the same pace, omics technologies are revolutionizing our approach to environmental conservation, ecological restoration, and sustainable resource management. DNA GTx Bioinformatics solutions in genomics, metagenomics and meta-barcoding empower scientists and companies to uncover crucial insights into the intricate workings of ecosystems. DNA GTx Bioinformatics is poised to forge a harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world, ensuring a thriving and resilient planet for future generations.

GTx Proteo™

GTx Proteo is a computational tool for proteogenomics. Our know-how in the analysis of MS/MS data allowed us to develop a platform for the integration of proteomic, transcriptomic and genomic data.

GTx - Meta

GTx-Meta is a pipeline for the analysis of metagenomics data, both 16S/18S or shotgun libraries. It takes FASTQ files as input and generates BAM files as products. Furthermore, GTx-Meta produces a detailed report with several downstream analyses, adapted to either a taxonomic or functional approach.
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GTx - Barcode

Metabarcoding is the large-scale taxonomic identification of complex environmental samples through the sequencing of one or few genes (usually present in the mitochondrial genome). GTx-Barcode is a pipeline for the analysis of metabarcoding data.

GTx - Pipeline

DNA GTx Pipeline is a pipeline framework and process manager that allows an optimization of the computations demands in a given project with a reduction in costs and time. Some functionalities include: parallelization, automatic check of process status and an interface for the management of processes.


GTx-Transporter is a type of genetic test that analyzes >40 genes involved in drug transport processes. These genes encode for proteins responsible for transporting drugs and their metabolites across cell membranes, particularly in organs like the liver, kidneys, intestines, and blood-brain barrier. By identifying genetic variations (polymorphisms) in these genes, healthcare providers can predict an individual’s drug transport capacity, which may influence their drug response and susceptibility to adverse reactions.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Analysis

Our team includes pioneers in NGS analysis. We offer processing and analysis services for various technologies, including variant calling and visualization (D-KRYPT), RNA-Seq (DNA GTx RNA), metagenomics and others (consult us).


GTx-Onco is a computational tool for the interpretation of cancer genome data (large gene panels, WES and/or WGS). GTx-Onco provides actionable recommendations, linked to therapeutic and nutritional aspects, based on the genetic profile of the tumor.
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Genome Assembly

DNA-GTx Bioinformatics "Genome Assembly and Annotation Service" is a cutting-edge bioinformatics service designed to assist researchers, geneticists, and biologists in analyzing and understanding the complex structure and function of genomes. This service combines advanced computational algorithms and expertise to assemble and annotate genomes, providing valuable insights into genetic composition, gene identification, regulatory elements, and other functional elements.
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Unlock the secrets of human diversity and evolutionary history with GTx-Population, the cutting-edge bioinformatics service tailored for populational genomics. Delve deep into the genetic tapestry of populations and unearth invaluable insights into their unique genetic makeup, disease associations, migratory patterns, and ancestral origins.

Clinical Applications:

The information derived from GTx-TRANSPORTER can aid in several clinical scenarios:

Drug Selection: Identifying drugs that are likely to be well-tolerated and effective based on the patient's genetic profile.

Drug Dosage: Optimizing drug dosages to achieve the desired therapeutic effect while minimizing adverse reactions.

Avoiding Adverse Reactions: Identifying drugs that may have an increased risk of adverse reactions in the patient and avoiding their use when possible.

Drug-Drug Interactions: Predicting potential drug-drug interactions to prevent harmful combinations.

Personalized Treatment Plans: Designing personalized treatment plans based on individual genetic variations.


GTx-Transporter provides valuable information, but it is only one piece of the puzzle in determining drug responses. Other factors such as lifestyle, diet, and other medications being taken may also play a role. Not all drug-gene interactions are fully understood, so the interpretation of some genetic variants may be uncertain or require further research. Ethical and privacy considerations related to genetic testing should be addressed, ensuring patient consent and data protection.


GTx-Transporter is a powerful tool in the realm of personalized medicine, enabling healthcare providers to make more informed decisions about drug selection, dosage, and potential interactions. By considering a patient's genetic makeup, medical professionals can optimize drug therapies, leading to better treatment outcomes and improved patient safety. However, it's


DNA GTx Bioinformatics recognizes that each customer is unique, with distinct preferences, requirements, and aspirations. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead, businesses are leveraging advanced technologies, data analytics, and personalized insights to understand customers on a granular level. By offering tailored experiences, products, and solutions, DNA GTx Bioinformatics hopes to empower consumers and foster a deeper sense of satisfaction and loyalty. So, if you have a bioinformatics problem that needs to be addressed through innovative solutions, DNA GTx Bioinformatics can help you.

The amount of genomic data generated represents the revolution in biological and medical sciences established by new DNA sequencing technologies. In order to encompass the data complexity and the desirable access and analysis flexibility we have a PhD-level team to design and implement the solutions you need to improve your services and products capabilities by helping your clients and patients more satisfied.Our bioinformatics customization services are conducted in close contact and interaction with your team, focused on cost reduction, quality and quick responses.

  • To adopt a new and customized interface to monitor your data analysis pipeline;
  • To improve processes by making them faster, integrated, automated, and stable;
  • Achieve a superior level in Quality Control by adding and automatizing new checking points;
  • Add value to final analysis and reports by employing different methods and meeting new market demands;
  • Monitor the sample processing by tracking the whole flux with secure and updated interface, hosted in the cloud or on-premises.

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